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Important Notice!

Dear Customers, our services are not yet available and launched as BinarySwap is in the final steps of obtaining all required authorizations to operate. Our status is updated daily here.

We provide a complete ecosystem to securely trade, exchange, send, receive, manage and store your digital assets in the simplest possible way with the lowest fees. We take the complexity out of the way and enable you with simple and resilient tools so you can focus on the opportunity cryptos represent. There is probably no single invention since the internet as important and disruptive as the blockchain.

We provide the necessary rails for companies to accept Crypto Payments through a secure PCI Certified gateway.

Our complete ecosystem is built to enable and allow remittances across the world!

For Corporations and Individuals, also offers private/group classes, virtual and presential consultations on practically anything relating to cryptocurrencies, crypto investments, blockchain technologies, crypto wallets and crypto exchanges.

What We provide

A simple platform for the average Joe
To enter the Crypto Space

Protection at All Stages
We take care of the security in our PCI certified environment.
Straight to the point!
BinarySwap will always provide a solution the fastest possible way.
Credit Card funding
To make it straightforward, we also accept many other ways of funding.
Real Time Support
We are available, real time, for 10 hours a day on weekdays to help you directly from the app.

Real Time Market Data

What we offer

Enter the future of the Economy

Free Personal Account

Enter the cryptocurrency word with the easiest and most intuitive solution of the market. No hidden fees, no harsh KYC or delays, simple funding with your local credit card or local bank account.

Pro Trader Business Account

The wise man therefore always holds in these matters to this principle of selection: he rejects pleasures to secure other greater pleasures.

Simple Interface for All!

Finally an app built for all! You don’t have to be an expert trader or have a rocket science degree to understand and trade with BinarySwap. Buying, selling, sending or receiving cryptos is straightforward.

Start Trading NOW!

Simple Interface for All!

Finally an app built for all! You don’t have to be an expert trader or have a rocket science degree to understand and trade with BinarySwap. Buying, selling, sending or receiving cryptos is straightforward.

Start Trading NOW!

Pro Level Tools and Charts

Beginner or Pro Trader, we have all the necessary tools available to you so you can get real time market information to take the best possible decisions on your positions. Our interface is connected through API’s to the most important leaders in the industry.

For Crypto Remittance and Tranding needs

We are a Global Solution

BinarySwap has a global financial structure and corporations across the globe with a strict mandate to follow regulations in every region where we operate to guarantee you the safety and tranquility you should expect from any serious institution.

Based in switzerland, it is the mother of all companies. Created under a regulated environment with a proper license to operate a crypto exchange, local offices with a local expert compliance officer to guarantee the safety of our solution.
Our USA structure with proper money remittance incense and crypto exchange license already in several states, more are coming in. We run our card program from our US Entity and also have the strongest compliance officers and monitoring tools in our US operation.
Who would have thought that a country like el Salvador would be so disruptive and imperative in our operation. Formally incorporated, with local offices and local autorization and regulation from the local government regulator entities.
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The Results of Our Work are Tailored to the Interests of Each Client

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Billion Dollars in Total Processing Volume
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Finished Projects

Software Dev for Private Entities across 3 continents

Banks & Financial Institutions

Government & NGO's

Front consultancy, Enterprise Platform Architecture Design to Software Development.

Our experts and full stack developers will help you achieve your goals in the simplest, most financially efficient and fastest possible way. When you’ve been around for so long, you’re expertise is proven. We strive to deliver the best results in the shortest time applying all the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over all these years.

You are the one obtaining the benefits of our long journey and past struggles.

About Us

We empower your business!

BinarySwap is part  of the mPos Global corporate group.

Our technology and payment solutions enable today hundreds of thousands of customers in 9 countries. We started in 2001 so after 20 years in the market, our quality is well proven. Same way as we were first in our region in over 5 verticals and payment solutions, we are now enabling the first real global remittance solution oriented to latin america. 


Enterprise Software solutions for the payment and crypto industries

Years of operations
Our build from scratch enterprise platform that is today the core of our operations, built on top of the best available ESB with a JAVA core can handle today over 50 million transactions per day.
Whitelabel solutions
Web, desktop or mobiles apps, we have complete payment processing, merchant onboarding, crypto exchange and brokerage or PCI certified credit card processing engines/solutions available right now.
Let's Work together

We are the perfect partner for financial institutions

If you run a bank or regulated entity, we’ve been operating financial transactional related businesses for over 20 years in 9 different countries. Our team is expert at working with government regulators, international conventions, AML policies, KCY’s and digital onboarding processes, CFT policies and monitoring tools, fraud prevention, etc. If now you are interested in entering the cryptocurrency space the right way we are here for you.