Why BinarySwap?

BinarySwap.com is a fully fledged platform with the purpose to help and facilitate ordinary people into de cryptocurrency world.
We provide a complete ecosystem to securely trade, exchange, manage and store your digital assets in the simplest possible way with the lowest fees. We take the complexity out of the way and enable you with simple and resilient tools so you can focus on the opportunity cryptos represent. There is probably no single invention since the internet as important and disruptive as the blockchain.
BinarySwap.com also offers private/group classes, virtual and presential consultations on practically anything relating to cryptocurrencies, crypto investments, blockchain technologies, crypto wallets and crypto exchanges.

Crypto Advisory Services

Don’t know the difference between bitcoin or blockchain? Let us demystify the industry and help you understand the technology before investing

Exchange Setup & Training

We'll show you how to sign up, verify your identity, and navigate exchanges. We will also help you fund your wallet and everything you need to know to start trading

Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT's & Altcoins

With thousands of coins, altcoins and NFT's in existence, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest information

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BinarySwap está primordialmente enfocado al mercado latino, todos nuestros servicios están disponibles en español!

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