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With over 20 years of experience in the software and payment industry, we entered the crypto world and purchased our first bitcoins in 2013. We’ve navigated through the complexity of exchanges, validations, regulations, different solutions, forks and many more….. so you don’t have to.

Trust our experts, they will make sure to explain all aspects of the cryptocurrencies in the simplest terms.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Basics

Don’t know the difference between bitcoin or blockchain? Let us demystify the industry and help you understand the technology before investing

Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT's & Altcoins

With thousands of coins, altcoins and NFT's in existence, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest information

Software & Hardware Wallet Setup

Let us educate you on the differences between software and hardware wallets.

Exchange Setup & Training

We'll show you how to sign up, verify your identity, and navigate exchanges. We will also recommend the best exchange based on your region and your intentions.

Transferring Coins To Wallets

Learn how to move assets between exchanges and wallets and how to properly move assets to avoid loss of funds.

Backup And Recovery Plan For Assets

Let us teach you proper security etiquette for keeping your funds safe, how to backup and recover your assets through your seed and recovery phrase, how to recover the assets to prevent loss, and how to keep your funds safe from theft and hackers.

Hardware Wallet Setup

Do you own a Ledger Nano or Trezor? Let us provide assistance with the setup and navigation of your hardware wallet.

How To Navigate Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Applications

Learn how to access DeFi applications from your Digital Wallet to earn interest or take out a loan with your cryptocurrency holdings.

Navigate The NFT Industry

Are you interested in purchasing digital collectibles? Learn how to buy, create, and sell on NFT platforms.

How to Invest and Trade Cryptocurrencies

We will teach, explain and guide you on how to invest and trade cryptocurrencies the best possible way. We will explain best practices and common errors and mistakes to avoid.

CryptoCurrency is changing our world one coin at time.  Learn about this world-changing movement and how you can be a part of it from expert Investors and CryptoCurrency Consultants.

New to the Crypto world? Our experts can coach you on the basics including knowledge of blockchains and the value they offer society, how to invest into cryptocurrencies from their personal experience, which coins to invest into, and how to track, move and keep your money secure. 

Already have a basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies? Consult with us to gain more advanced knowledge such as DeFI (decentralized finance) for yield farming, savings and lending. Investing in ICO’s or IDO’s (Initial Coin/Dex Offerings), hot and cold storage wallets, how to distinguish between good and bad token investments or advanced custom topics.

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